Jewellery Fundraiser

Offer your supporters 925 sterling silver and solid gold fine jewellery crafted with purpose and meaning. You and your supporters will enjoy these treasures for years to come. Fundraising can be hassle free and easy! 

No order forms. Supporters orders directly online through your unique link or use your Discount Code at check-out.

No up front cost. Start up is FREE. You may choose to purchase a show case piece at discount. Depending on the number of participants we offer 30% discount on up to 10 products to use as show pieces and/or prizes for participants.   

No product distribution. Items are shipped directly to supporters for FREE.

Advertise easily through social media. We provide downloadable social media posts. Share them with your unique Discount Code for easy marketing.

Profitable margins. You get 20-25% profit on all items sold using your Discount Code or unique link! Even sale items. Other discount codes cannot be applied. 

Versatile delivery. Get creative! There are many versatile ways of holding a jewellery fundraiser. From word of mouth to hosting a trunk show, church bulletins to having a friendly fundraising competition. Holidays are ideal as jewellery makes great gifts at mother's day, father's day, Valentines and Christmas. 

No door-to-door sales. Unless you choose to. For safety reasons, please ensure no minors go door-to-door alone. Minors should be accompanied by an adult or in groups.

How Does the The Jewellery Fundraiser Work?

1. Contact us using the form below. Please describe the following:

Organization name:

Organization location:

Organization website:

Organization values and mission:

Fundraising goal (amount and timeline):

Number of participants:

Supporters native language:

We will review and determine if your fundraiser is a good fit for this offer. 

2. If approved, your unique Discount Code(s) or unique link will be created to track your sales and profit.

3. Advertise your fundraiser with your Discount Code or unique link. Share our existing social media posts or download a post to share. Advertise in your church bulletin and announcements. Get creative in you advertising!

4. Supporters make purchases using your Discount Code or unique link. 

5. Items are shipped to supporters directly.

6. Collect your profit. 25% of sales made using your Discount Code or unique link. Profits will be paid through PayPal. 

Who is this fundraiser for?

This fundraiser is open worldwide however is best for English speakers as that is our website's default language. Our offer is ideal for fundraising for church groups, ministries, mission trips, religious schools and Christian non-profits. Cornerstone Jewellery's vision is to partner with like minded organizations to build the kingdom of heaven as described in the Holy Bible. We hold the right to refuse this offer if we feel our values are not aligned with your organization or for any other reason. 

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